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    As The Rate Of Change Around Us Increases, So Does The Urgency To Make The Right Decisions.

    Actionable Insight

    We help you make better informed decisions by clearly understanding your customer needs and competitive landscape.

    Profitable Growth

    Profitability is the fuel that drives your growth engines. In order to beat the competition, you will need both quality and quantity.

    Sustainable Success

    Attract, develop and retain the best talent by having a clear mission and purpose, and build processes that empower.


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    Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

    The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is administered by Enterprise Singapore.


    This grant is designed to help businesses that are registered and operating in Singapore to:
    - Strengthen their Core Capabilities
    - Explore new areas for growth
    - Increase efficiency and outcomes
    - Expand to International Markets


    Our Consultant teams are certified and qualified to lead and deliver these projects.


    The grant funds up to 70% of qualifying project costs namely third party consultancy fees, software and equipment, and internal manpower cost.


    To qualify for the EDG, you need to:
    - Be registered and operating in Singapore
    - Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
    - Be financially viable to start & complete the project


    Business Excellence Awards

    The Singapore Business Excellence Awards are awarded by Enterprise Singapore. These awards recognize organisations with outstanding management capabilities, and superior business practices and performance.


    The benefits of winning the Singapore Business Excellence Awards include:
    - International Recognition of Corporate Excellence

    - Independent Validation of your Competitive Excellence

    - A Sharpened and Holistic Corporate Strategy

    - Increased visibility and attractiveness to Top Talent


    Our Consultants has been trained by Enterprise Singapore to help companies based in Singapore to work towards achieving this internationally recognized certification.


    Each Business Excellence Award has a tenure of 5 years, which requires the leadership to continually improve the organization, and to maintain its leadership position as one of the best companies in Singapore to work for.

    Innovation and Strategy


    In every market and industry today, the rate of change is accelerating. Company Leaders are faced with the combined challenges of an ambiguous future marketplace, and uncertainty on where to invest and grow their resources and skills.


    The “Tried-and-Tested” Approaches to Strategy and Growth no longer seem to work. Most advisors are themselves products of a system that we now know does not meet our needs anymore.


    We have extensive experience working with the most innovative companies and people in the world, helping every one to reach the leading edge of their chosen industry and profession.


    Let us help you see clearly into the future, and make the right decisions to help you succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. We will help you craft customer-centric products and services, and build an organization that attracts the skills you need to succeed.

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